Leaders should be standing at the back and guide the team to go forward.

Wathnak Vy has become a remarkable young leader since arriving from Cambodia just 5 years ago. His active involvement in various school and local community projects, like the “Two Too Many” campaign and Youth Parliament has seen him acknowledged in mainstream and social media for his efforts to help others grasp the same positive opportunities he believes he has had in his life.

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Wathnak Vy is a Justice of the Peace (JP)

From the support of Cambodian community in South Australia, under the recommendation from Attorney-General, His Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, the Governor of South Australia has appointed Mr. Wathnak VY to be the 4th public Cambodian Justice of the Peace for South Australia (JP) and the first youngest Cambodian Justice of the Peace in South Australia.

Government Gazette: CLICK HERE

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About Me

Wathnak is apolitical, passionate, Cambodian-Vietnamese background who aims to empowering young people and represents their views in their local community.

Wathnak was born and raised in Cambodia with his grandmother and his father. In 2012, Wathnak and his father migrated to Australia for education and cultural exchange. Currently, Wathnak is a university student who undertakes 3 degrees, Bachelor of Commerce in Management; Bachelor of International Studies (major in Political Science) and Bachelor of Social Science (major in Social Cohesion).

Since his arrival, Wathnak is heavily involving in community activities including, Youth Advisory Committee at City of Charles Sturt, headspace Woodville Youth Reference Group and recently, Wathnak elected to be the Chief Executive Officer for Adelaide University Cambodian Student Club.

For more information, please visit Wathnak’s LinkedIn.


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