2015 RYLA Application

I arrived to Australia for just only two years but I have already show my leadership skill to young people across South Australia. I heard about RYLA from Youth Central Facebook Page and I believe that RYLA will develop my leadership for me even more from a diverse background. This RYLA will help me to meet new people, build more connect and sharing my leadership experiences with other. RYLA also helps me to develop myself as a good citizen, conflict management and especially improve my public speaking skills. As my personal experiences, I want to explore something new such as RYLA. I never get involve in RYLA before because of my age and now I am 18 therefore this is an golden opportunity for me to get involve in RYLA and I believe that RYLA will empower me to succeed. If you think great leaders are born and not made, think again. Leadership training courses use various techniques and examples to emphasize the point that with a little hard work we all have it in us to be great leaders such as this RYLA. They encourage introspection with other leaders that help lead me to the next level. They help me to clarify my vision and teach me how to influence people.

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